Skål is a professional organization of "leaders" in tourism that promote global tourism and friendship worldwide.

It is the only international group that brings together all branches of the tourism and travel industry. Its associates, who work as economic operators and managers, meet at local, regional, national and international levels at various stages to discuss and pursue topics of common interest. The first club was founded in Paris in 1932 by tourism executives after an “educational” trip to Scandinavia. The idea of friendliness and friendship at international level grew, and in 1934 the "Association Internationale des Skål Clubs" was founded.

Nowadays the Skål International has around 15’000 members in over 350 Clubs in 101 Countries. Most of the activities take place locally until reaching the National Committees, under the control of the Skål International, which has its headquarters at the General Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain. Skål International, being born in 1932, is therefore the oldest sssociation of tourism in the world and with its 15’000 associates is also the largest. Skål International is a member of the United Nations in the UNWTO — OMT section, the World Tourism Organization.

Within the Club, very important is the section dedicated at the "Young Skål", which includes students and young professionals in the travel and tourism industry, aged between 20 and 29 years. Young Skål, an important base for future leaders of the tourism industry, is a great and real opportunity to make an international network.

SKAL, the acronym in Swedish of SUNDHET — KARLEK — ALDER — LYCKA, in English means respectively HEALTH — FRIENDSHIP — LONG LIFE — HAPPINESS and clearly expresses the Skål's spirit and its values.